Money Talk column

Money Talk February 2020

Bank term deposits might not earn much, but sometimes they’re the best option

They’re boring and they pay low interest. But bank term deposits are probably the best place to park money for a few months — or even a year or so. Anywhere else could be too risky…

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Money Talk January 2020

It’s a great idea to get all the incentives in KiwiSaver

Employees usually receive their full employer and government contributions, unless they are on a savings suspension. But what about everyone else?

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Money Talk November 2019

If you can learn to handle risk, you’ll get more out of your KiwiSaver fund.

Ask someone which KiwiSaver fund they are in, and most will name their provider — a bank or other financial institution. But the provider doesn’t matter nearly as much as which type of fund you’re in.

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